VOCOlinc Smart LightStrip LS3 ColorFlux

VOCOlinc Smart LightStrip LS3 ColorFlux

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LS3 ColorFlux will illuminate your home with countless colour combinations. The LED strip can be divided into multiple segments and a different colour can be selected for each segment. Brand new colour effects for an even more colourful home and synchronisation with music or sound are ideal for any occasion. 5m length.

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Producer: Vocolinc


Our VOCOlinc Smart Color LightStrip LS3 Lights Up the Darkest Corners of Your Home 

Create the perfect ambiance for your special moments with customizable preset effects
(Blink, Breathe, Flicker, Flow, Candle) and scene modes (Daylight/Wakeup). 
The Vocolinc Smart Color LightStrip LS3 is a smart dimmable LED strip that brightens your
home with up to 16 million colors.

The LED strip will flash to the beat of your music

The VOCOlinc app allows you to choose one of the Colorful Modes - Rainbow, Meteor, Christmas, Pastels, Random and Music
The LED strip syncs with the music and sound. The colored lights change colors and flash rate with the rhythm and melody, making it perfect for parties, the bedroom, on the stairs, in the wardrobe or even for table decoration.
Choose any 6 colours you are in the mood for.



Each part of the LED strip can light a different colour

The LS3 LED strip can be divided into 10 segments and each segment can be set to different colour.
The strip offers a palette of 16 million warm and cool colours combined
into static light and countless lighting effects. Create and save your favourite combination
of colours for every occasion! You can change the light brightness on a scale of 1-100%.

The length of the lightstip is 5 meters. However, you can shorten the strip by 25 cm, or if that is not enough, you can buy the LS3 ColorFlux with a length of 10 metres


Discover the Unique Features of the LS3 Smart Color LightStrip

LED color range: 16 million colors with cool to warm whites

luminous flux: 100 lumens per meter

expected LED life: 15 000 hours

remote access, no Hub required

voice control

WiFi 2,4GHz


Get the Most out of VOCOlinc App Functions!

Light Effects

16 Million Colors

Assignment of Lights to Individual Rooms


Daily Routines

Time Schedules 



Control LS3 Directly in Apple HomeKit

Control devices directly in the Home app. Apple HomeKit fans appreciate the lightstrip
connection options to the Home app along with other smart products certified
with "Works with Apple HomeKit" label. You can control them together by creating scenes.
Get greeted by "Arriving Home" scene, where you set up switching on diffusers, lights and LED strips! 
Alexa and Google Assistant's native applications offer similar functionality.




To control this HomeKit-enabled accessory, the latest version of iOS or iPadOS is highly recommended;
Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires a HomePod,
an iPad or an Apple TV with the latest tvOS as a home hub AndroidOS 4.4 or later




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