VOCOlinc Smart HomeKit Indoor Camera VC1 Opto Set 2 pcs

VOCOlinc Smart HomeKit Indoor Camera VC1 Opto Set 2 pcs

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Indoor Wi-Fi camera, motion detection, built-in microphone and speaker, Full HD 1920×1080 px resolution, rotates at 350° horizontal and 117° vertical, wide-angle 107°, frame rate 30 fps, advanced infrared night vision, power supply using USB-C, works with Apple HomeKit (uses iCloud as storage), Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ

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Producer: Vocolinc

Smart HomeKit Indoor Camera VOCOlinc VC1 Opto
guards your household day and night


Take safety of your home to the next level with the new indoor
Wi-Fi camera VOCOlinc VC1 Opto. Wide-angle lens keeps an eye on your children and pets.
Built-in microphone and speaker allows direct two-way communication between the camera
and your iPhone. Opto sends instant alerts to your Home app (iOS).

Opto values your privacy at home. The product is designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit
and HomeKit Secure Video, enabling you to securely view your live video stream
and store end-to-end encrypted videos to your iCloud.

Note: AppleTV, iPad or HomePod as a Hub is required for the full user experience.




Keeps an eye on everything

 107° wide-angle enhanced lens combined with 350° horizontal & 117° vertical
rotation range provides full coverage of the surrounding area. The high-quality,
The 3-megapixel sensor is optimized to generate ultra-clear HD video without
sacrificing streaming quality even when you zoom in for a closer look.
The camera's frame rate is 30 fps. 


Motion sensor triggers other gadgets in your smart home

Set your automations based on motion. For example, if movement of people
is detected, lights turn on or a siren sounds on the HomePod! The motion
sensor, combined with the HomeKit algorithm is able to distinguish among people,
animals, or vehicles with instant alerts to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.
Get notified when people you've tagged in the Photos app approach into view.


Privacy Mode

We want to protect your privacy. You can easily turn on the privacy mode
in VOCOlinc app to physically hide the camera lens.  




Two-Way Audio lets people communicate

Always stay connected with your family when you're away. Just tell
your kids to stop fighting or ward off an uninvited cat! Two-way voice built-in
mic and speaker lets you communicate across the house without hollering. 
Home Hub (AppleTV, iPad, HomePod with the latest iOS) is required
for remote communication.


Night Vision & Privacy Mode

Four built-in IT LEDs provide clear visibility of up to 6m in the dark,
so Opto can even help you babysit sleeping children at night. For increased privacy, you
can easily press the physical button at the back to enter Privacy Mode and Opto will
tilt down and cover its lens.


Stores your videos safely with HomeKit Secure Video

We value your privacy, that's why we do not have any access to your data. Your recordings
are only ever visible to you. All communication is inside the HomeKit and videos
are stored in an Apple cloud account (requires 50GB iCloud storage) for 10 days.


   VOCOlinc app helps you control the camera

Assignment to individual room


Daily routines

Time schedules

Privacy Mode

Pan/Tilt control

Night Vision Setting

Mic & Audio Setting

Anti Flicker mode 50/60 Hz (for LED lights flickering)

HD Streaming



HomeKit Secure Video (iOS) adds even more functions

(AppleTV, iPad or HomePod as a Hub required)

Assignment to individual room

Home automations

Night Vision Setting

Triggering other gadgets - e.g. smart doorbell or light

Streaming & Recordings saved to your iCloud for 10 days

People, pets & vehicle recognition

Face Recognition

Remote controlling



Technical specs

Dimension: 110 x 80 x 80 mm

Lens: F2.0

Privacy Mode

Pan Tilt: 350° horizontal and 117° vertical

Night Vision: Built-in Infrared (4 LEDs) up to 6 meters

Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Video format: H.264

Audio: Built-in Mic and Speaker

Power: 5V, 1A (USB-C)




Requirements for a complete experience of HomeKit Secure Video

An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 13.2 or later

The Home app set up on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the Apple ID
that you use with iCloud

A home hub set up on an iPad, HomePod, or Apple TV

A supported iCloud storage plan

Find out more about HomeKit Secure Video on Apple official website


Package contains

Indoor Camera VC1 Opto

USB-C to USB-A Cable (length 2m)

Power Adapter (European plug)

Mounting Kit

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