VOCOlinc Smart Air Purifier VAP1

VOCOlinc Smart Air Purifier VAP1

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Room coverage: 60m2, CADR 500m3/h, HCHO 120m3/h, HEPA level E12, 4 modes: auto/sleep/manual/kids, 5 levels of fan speed, Built-in humidity and temperature sensors. Plug type E/F.

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Manufacturer: Vocolinc


Inhale and Exhale. Smart Air Purifier VAP1 Removes Allergens,

Pollen and Even the Finest Dust from Your House

Where else should you breathe clean and fresh air than in a place, where you spend most of your time - your home!

VAP1 air purifier offers superior filtration technology. The three stages of the advanced HEPA filtration remove up

to 99,97% of gases and particles down to 0.3 microns from your room up to 60 sq. meters.

Each filter combines pre-filter, advanced H12 HEPA filter and HIVE pattern activated carbon filter.

A dual air inlet to top air outlet design captures harmful gases and particles from all angles.

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) of VAP1 is 500m3/h, it cleans air in 10 minutes in an average-size room.

Despite the high effectivity, the VAP1 air purifier is an incredibly quiet companion.

Max. Noise is 63 dB and only 30dB at sleep mode.

You can monitor the air quality in your room and control all aspects via LinkWise app or use voice control.

Air purifier works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google home.

Large 5.1" LED screen with adaptive auto-brightness functionality displays real-time information of both the air

quality in your home and the VAP1 itself (such as filter lifespan, mode, timer).


Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 29 cm

Weight: 8,3kg

Power: 42W

Room coverage: 60m2

CADR 500m3/h

HCHO 120m3/h

HEPA level E12

4modes: auto/sleep/manual/kids

5 levels of fan speed

Built-in humidity and temperature sensors

Child lock

WiFi connectivity 2.4GHz

Max. noise 63dB

Silent mode: 27 db

Laser PM 2.5

Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google home

Plug type E/F


Download VOCOlinc App and Enjoy all its Functions to Control

VOCOlinc Devices




Adding devices into group based on room type

Firmware updates



 Control devices in the VOCOlinc app or directly in the Home app

Apple HomeKit fans appreciate VAP1 connection options

to the Home app along with other smart products certified with "Works with Apple HomeKit" label. You can

control them together by creating scenes. Get greeted by "Arriving Home" scene, where you set up switching

on diffusers, lights and LED strips!

Alexa and Google Assistant's native applications offer similar functionality.








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