VOCOlinc Smart Aroma Diffuser FLOWERBUD 59,99 € 33%

VOCOlinc Smart Aroma Diffuser FLOWERBUD

Works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, 16 Million Colours Light, Ultrasonic Adjustable Cool Mist, 2.4GHz Read more

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The first smart aroma diffuser for Apple HomeKit

Just a single voice command or touch in the app is all it takes for the FlowerBud diffuser to instantly fill the entire room with a delightful fragrance. Add a few drops of natural essential oil and indulge in the scent of juicy orange for a relaxing experience, or drift off to sleep in the calming mist of lavender. You won't be disturbed as FlowerBud operates silently, with only a gentle bubbling sound, and it automatically shuts off when it runs out of water. If you're not in the mood for aromatherapy, you can simply fill the bowl with clean water. FlowerBud is capable of gently moisturizing the air in the room (up to 30 m2) with its cooling mist.

The FlowerBud diffuser and humidifier is more than just a smart home gadget or a perfect addition to a small office. It seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and it was the first diffuser in the world that was compatible with Apple Home. For instance, you can instruct Siri to change the lighting to your preferred color or let the welcoming scent of FlowerBud greet you upon your return home!




Get the Most Out of VOCOlinc App (iOS, Android) Functions!

The fragrant atmosphere of the diffuser is enhanced by stylish ambient lighting. Within the VOCOlinc app (available for free on Android and iOS), you have the option to select from a spectrum of 16 million colors. Furthermore, you can adjust the mist and light intensity to your preference and even schedule the activation and deactivation of the entire device. The LED lighting can also be manually activated using a dedicated button directly on the diffuser.

FlowerBud can operate continuously for up to 10 hours and automatically shuts off when the water level is depleted. The VOCOlinc app also provides you with a comprehensive overview of the water status to ensure optimal functionality. Additionally, the application allows you to organize your devices into groups and assign them to specific rooms for a more streamlined control experience. Unlike other competing ecosystems, VOCOlinc products eliminate the need for additional control units (such as a Bridge or Hub) – all you require is Wi-Fi connectivity and a smart phone!


Control FlowerBud Directly in Home app

Apple Home fans will certainly appreciate the direct integration of FlowerBud into the Home app. Add it along with other smart products certified Works with Apple Home to scenes and control them together. For instance, let yourself be greeted by the Arrival Home scene when you return from work, where you can set the diffusers, lights, and LED strip to turn on! Manage your home using your Apple Watch, iPad, or even directly from your phone. Similar principles are offered by the native apps of Alexa and Google Assistant. Take control with customization and automate all products to suit your daily routine!


   Features of the FlowerBud smart diffuser

Ultrasonic technology creates a pleasant cooling mist

LED lighting with a range of up to 16 million colors

Controlled by voice or through the VOCOlinc app

Automatically shuts off when the water tank is empty

Water tank capacity is 300 ml

Up to 10 hours of continuous operation

Timer for scheduling start and stop times

Operates on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi


Ideal for rooms up to 30 m2 in size

2 manual buttons (for backlight and mist)

Requirements - iOS

To control this HomeKit-enabled accessory, the latest version of iOS or iPadOS is highly recommended. Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires a HomePod, an iPad or an Apple TV with the latest tvOS as a home hub

Requirements - Android

AndroidOS 4.3 or later

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VOCOlinc Smart Aroma Diffuser FLOWERBUD
VOCOlinc Smart Aroma Diffuser FLOWERBUD

39,99 €

33,05 € excl. VAT

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