VOCOlinc Smart Aroma Diffuser FLOWERBUD

VOCOlinc Smart Aroma Diffuser FLOWERBUD

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Works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, 16 Million Colours Light, Ultrasonic Adjustable Cool Mist, 2.4GHz

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Manufacturer: Vocolinc


The One and Only Diffuser for Apple HomeKit

The FLOWERBUD diffuser is another member of your smart home family.

Using ultrasound it emits a fine cooling mist that humidifies the entire room.

Freshens and humidifies the air and scents the whole room yet looks as if it came from a flower garden.

VOCOlinc FlowerBud diffuser and humidifier is another highlight of your smart home, yoga room or smaller office.

It is completely compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and, as the only brand of diffusers in the world,

also with Apple HomeKit. Using ultrasound, it emits fine, cooling, humidifying mist

and with selection of 16 million colours, it completes the atmosphere of any moment.

You can select your favourite LED lighting using LinkWise app, as well as the intensity and turn ON / OFF the

whole device.




Discover the Unique Features of the FLOWERBUD Diffuser

 Ultrasound creates a pleasant cooling mist

Multicolour LED Lighting - up to 16 million colours from cool to warm whites

Voice control (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant) or

LinkWise (featuring such a mist settings and intensity, lightning effects, etc.)

Automatic shutdown when the tank is empty

300ml water tank capacity

Add your favourite aroma oil to create a fragrant atmosphere

Works w/ HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant

2.4GHz Wi-Fi


Perfect for rooms up to 30 m2

ON / OFF timer


Get the Most Out of LinkWise App (iOS, Android) Functions!


Control and monitor all your VOCOlinc accessories

Choose from 16 million colours and select your favorite

Set the mist intensity and control humidity

Set lightning effects (breathing, flashing, smoothing)

Set timer to automatically turn on/off, create schedules

Create scenes



Control FlowerBud Directly in Apple HomeKit

Control devices directly in the Home app. Apple HomeKit fans appreciate the FlowerBud connection options

to the Home app along with other smart products certified with "Works with Apple HomeKit" label. You can control

them together by creating scenes. Get greeted by "Arriving Home" scene, where you set up switching

on diffusers, lights and LED strips!

Alexa and Google Assistant's native applications offer similar functionality. 







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